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The NBA Ramblings: First Round Thoughts and Predictions


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The NBA Ramblings: The Playoffs are Here!

Bold (and not so bold) First Round Playoff Thoughts and Predictions

We are finally here – the fucking playoffs! Maybe it was because the seeds (for the most part) have been set, but getting to the playoffs seemed to take FOREVER this year. Maybe we do need a lockout each year. Anyway, here are some thoughts and predictions for the first round.

LeBron James will average 24/8/8 without trying against the Milwaukee Bucks. If he tries he will average 65/19/33…

The Milwaukee Bucks will get swept in splendid fashion, lose Ellis and Redick, decide not to sign Jennings and be sold to Seattle for sixteen thousand dollars…

Deron Williams will be okay, but not awesome. Now that Jay-Z is parting ways, no one cares…

If the Pacers draw the Hawks they will dispose them in five games, if they end up facing the…

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